History of AITI

تعداد بازدید : 9889
تاریخ انتشار : ۱۳۹۴/۹/۴

Association of Iran Textile Industries, previously called Syndicate of Iran Cotton and synthetic Textile Industries, was established in 1961. Its main objectives are relied on promotion of position and situation of textile industry, continuous improvement of quality of products through different ways, providing education facilities for promotion of scientific and specialized level of experts, engineers, industry workers and actions of this kind.
Some of these actions have been obtained now after 50 years and the rest are seriously considered in our work instruction.
This association consists of about 400 members at the present. A wide range of producers in textile industries from different fields such as Cotton Spinning and Weaving, Woolen and Worsted Spinning and Weaving, Acrylic and Stretch Yarns, Blanket, Machine Made Carpet, Floor Covering, Fibers and Synthetic Yarns, Knitting, Apparels, Non Woven, Chemical Auxiliary, Textile Machinery Producers, which have been gathered together as Association of Iran Textile Industries and have created one of the biggest Employment nongovernmental Organizations (NGO) within the frame work of Note 5, Art. 131 of Labor Law of Islamic
Republic of Iran.
But present formation of Industrial Units, within the framework of Association of Iran Textile Industries is the result of the leaders’ efforts since 50 years ago which have strengthened this construction gradually.
We seize the opportunity of praising those who have left us such a valuable souvenir and are not among us anymore. We also honor those colleagues who make effort to achieve objectives of the Association

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